Jungle Boys Grape Jilly


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Jungle Boys Pack

Strain : Grape Jilly

Weight : 7 Grams

Jungle Boys grape jelly .this strain can soothe mild, inflammation-related aches as well as pain that is due to chronic conditions like COPD or fibromyalgia.

Jungle Boys Grape Jilly,

Jungle Boys Grape Jelly is marked by large flowers that adhere in a conical formation, tapering down from a broad base into a pointed tip. The internal makeup of these chunky buds shows a clear indica influence, with leaves twisting tightly inward toward to form a solid core. The leaves themselves are a dappled mix of sage green and dark purple; curly, rust-colored pistils make these colorful buds even more eye-catching. Finally, parent strain OG Glue passes on its propensity for high trichome production, resulting in a thick coating of dewy white trichomes.


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