Purple Kush


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Indica / Sativa Ratio
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid (30% Sativa / 70% Indica)
Average THC / CBD Level
  • 15.00/20.00% THC
  • 0.51/0.10% CBD
  • —/—% CBN

buy buds online usa. Purple Kush marijuana strain is an Indica marijuana hybrid. This weed is found in Oakland area of California. Purple Kush marijuana is world known for purple leaves and dense buds.

The nugs are covered with white and orange hairs. buy buds online usa.This kush is potent, delivering high THC count of up to 17%. beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming couch lock and sedation.

This marijuana strain is good for evening and night time medicinal and recreational use due to sedative properties.


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